Innovative packaging options

We have developed a range of easy-open packaging solutions that ensure our user-friendly dosage forms are safe and accessible for patients and consumers. Our new, easy-to-open tablet tube stoppers, for example, can be removed with a short rip of the safety ring, and easily lifted off thanks to an ergonomic finger mold grip. Of course, the design features that make packaging accessible for particular groups, such as the elderly, must be carefully balanced with appropriate child-resistant mechanisms, tamper-proof devices, and other safety elements. Therefore, at HERMES PHARMA we offer a range of solutions to ensure every product meets its specific requirements.

We also consider the requirements of manufacturers, pharmacies, and retailers when developing packaging solutions. By employing design innovations, such as cardboard shelf-ready packaging (SRP), we can ensure products remain visible on the shelf and are easy for retailers to handle.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer various primary and secondary packaging options for user-friendly dosage forms: