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Hot and cold instant drinks contain a single dose of powder or granules that dissolve in water, making them both easy to dose and consume. With extra rehydration benefits, instant drinks are well established, particularly for cough and cold remedies. Our unique formulations ensure that APIs remain stable in hot or cold water and that products dissolve quickly without leaving residues or foam. Our instant drinks can be effervescent as well as non-effervescent

Like all user-friendly dosage forms, instant drinks:

  • Are easy to swallow, even for those who experience difficulties swallowing conventional tablets and capsules
  • Reduce the risk of drug-induced esophagitis, which occurs when a tablet is caught in the esophagus and dissolves while remaining in contact with the sensitive esophagus lining
  • Taste pleasant and come in a range of flavors
  • Are easy and convenient to take
  • Are supplied as a single dose so no measuring is required
  • Improve compliance

Drinkable medicines such as instant drinks:

  • Render tablet size and shape irrelevant and allow large amounts of API/nutrient (more than 10 grams) or a combination to be provided in a single dose, even at different concentrations
  • Provide excellent bioavailability and rapid release depending on the API/nutrient
  • Aid rehydration by increasing liquid intake
  • Due to the buffered solution, effervescent instant drinks minimize the risk of gastric irritation

In addition, instant drinks:

  • Can be packaged in sachets with an aluminum-paper laminate or PET-aluminum-PE laminate to protect photosensitive APIs against light. We offer a variety of different sachet formats on multiple high-speed packaging lines.
  • With effervescence, are ideal for patients with low gastric fluid production, like those on proton pump inhibitor medications, for example

Manufacturing expertise:

The production of instant drinks requires specific expertise and dedicated manufacturing conditions. Instant drinks are manufactured either as a powder via blending, or as granules using our TOPO technology, and are subsequently blended. We then apply our taste-masking expertise to ensure that the flavors chosen work well with the API and create a pleasant taste.

Instant drinks allow multiple APIs to be combined in a single dosage form. Using our specialist manufacturing facilities, a combination of very small and very large amounts of API can be precisely dosed into one sachet via two-component dosing systems.

APIs are often particularly susceptible to moisture, so environmental humidity must be carefully controlled at all times.

Instant drinks must dissolve quickly and completely upon contact with water. To enhance patient experience, they should dissolve without leaving unpleasant residues or foam on the surface that can impact on taste or mouthfeel.

Compared to solid tablets, drinkable medicines mean that patients are potentially more exposed to the unpleasant taste inherent to many APIs. Smell and taste are important factors for how people experience instant drinks, be they hot or cold, effervescent or non-effervescent. Find out how our flavoring expertise and TOPO technology (for effervescent instant drinks) help to manufacture stable products that create a pleasant patient experience.

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