Sourcing & Procurement

We believe in only using high-quality APIs and excipients, including those best suited to user-friendly dosage forms. To ensure a seamless supply, we have built a robust network of specialized providers and work with them in long-term partnership. Hence, our customers benefit from a stable and reliable supply chain.

We source our ingredients primarily in Europe, which keeps delivery routes to our factories short and eliminates intercontinental shipping. As a result, we can react flexibly to meet customer demand and guarantee continuous supply. We have access to specific flavors, which enable us to create products with a bespoke and pleasant taste. In turn, this allows our customers to launch products with greater differentiation in the marketplace.

When sourcing, we carefully check the morphological characteristics of the material we purchase. Consistency in terms of powder flow and blending homogeneity is important for our dosage forms: For example, orally disintegrating granules (ODGs) involve process steps such as hot melt coating, where the size of particles needs to be consistent.

We secure long-term contracts with our suppliers to ensure availability and continuous supply of ingredients, thus avoiding out-of-stock situations for our customers. We collaborate with selected suppliers to obtain raw materials and ingredients that are optimized for our dosage forms.

A reliable supply chain is key to manufacturing pharmaceutical and nutritional products on time. If your current supply chain is letting you down, get in touch with our team to see how we can help.