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HERMES PHARMA is the leading expert in developing user-friendly oral dosage forms. Pharmaceuticals and supplements manufactured by HERMES PHARMA are easy to take and pleasant to ingest – even if they contain large quantities of one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or if the API tastes particularly bad. The latter is especially important as user-friendly dosage forms spend longer in the mouth than conventional tablets and so are tasted more thoroughly. Our expertise helps people who have difficulty swallowing tablets or who suffer from chronic conditions requiring long-term medication. Our research and drug development activities focus on making medicines easier to take while also optimizing formulation development and manufacturing processes.

They encompass:

  • Taste masking, flavoring and coating to provide a pleasant experience
  • Granulation technologies
  • Developing immediate and extended-release user-friendly products
  • Selecting APIs, sweeteners and excipients with the right properties and combining them
  • Selecting the most suitable packaging format and material
  • Sourcing high-quality active ingredients and excipients
  • Developing effective analytical and stability testing methods to ensure long shelf life, even in hot and humid climate zones
  • Cost-efficient, fast and smooth up-scaling into commercial manufacturing
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant development processes

Our drug development and production processes are fully integrated, which means efficient product development, from the first laboratory formulation through to full-scale production. We involve our Regulatory services team during the research and development phase to ensure that regulatory aspects are considered from the outset, and registration runs smoothly.

HERMES PHARMA places great emphasis on innovation and continually invests in research & development. We collaborate closely with equipment and packaging suppliers, as well as universities and renowned institutes, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest scientific developments, innovations and technologies.

Our interdisciplinary teams work closely with clients to develop and design new products that extend existing product lines, revitalize ageing brands and deliver additional value to patients and consumers.

There are a number of ways how you can leverage our expertise in creating user-friendly, high-quality products:

  • We can recommend the most suitable dosage form considering the properties of the API, indication area/patient group and required dosage
  • We can recommend combinations and dosages of nutrients to meet various health and nutrition requirements
  • During drug development, we will even consider challenging climate zones to ensure high stability and long shelf life wherever products will be used
  • We rapidly develop a concept for the formulation and analytical methods to speed up development
  • We can verify the formulation concept by conducting feasibility studies
  • We consider packaging options with the product characteristics and the retailer/distribution channel in mind
  • Our integrated approach to using Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) brings quality to the fore from the very beginning of the product development and manufacturing process, improving efficiency as a result  

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