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HERMES PHARMA places great emphasis on innovation and continually invests in research and development related to user-friendly dosage forms and products. We collaborate with renowned universities and institutes, as well as equipment and packaging suppliers. Thus, our customers benefit from the best technologies and innovations available when in-licensing or sourcing  products from HERMES PHARMA.

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Rising R&D costs and patent protection issues pose significant challenges to our industry. Reformulating existing products into new dosage forms can be a smart way to extend patent protection. Such strategic product lifecycle decisions make it more difficult for competitors to copy products or create similar ones, particularly if specialist technologies such as taste masking are required. At HERMES PHARMA, we not only develop new user-friendly dosage forms but we also pay close attention to how consumers and patients interact with existing products, allowing us to put their preferences at the forefront of product development. 


We offer a wide range of user-friendly products and dosage forms at HERMES PHARMA. Below are some examples from our extensive portfolio.

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Our pioneering technologies and approaches

To create high-quality user-friendly products that meet the needs and expectations of modern patients and consumers, it's essential to develop, understand and apply the best technologies available in the right way. We heavily invest in both our skilled staff and the technologies we use. We ensure that the products we create meet our customers' high quality standards as well as their budget - and are well received by patients and consumers.

  • Flavoring

    When designing formulations that are sucked, chewed, dissolved in water or disintegrated in the mouth before being swallowed, it's important to get the taste right. Based on the interplay of appearance, smell, texture and taste, humans form a complete sensory impression for everything we eat. Taste is of evolutionary importance and can be a life-saver; bitter substances are often toxic while sweetness is associated with energy and non-toxicity. 


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  • Taste masking technologies

    Using flavoring excipients alone is sometimes insufficient for creating great tasting products. We apply taste-masking technologies to prevent the bitter, sour, sulfuric, astringent or salty taste inherent to many nutrients or active pharmaceutical ingredients coming through in the mouth. Such technologies include hot melt coating for orally disintegrating granules.


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  • Granulation technologies

    Effervescent tablet and instant drink formulations are popular with consumers and patients as they are easy to swallow and pleasant to take. To protect effervescent products against humidity, from production to medicine cabinet, and ensure optimum product performance, we employ advanced granulation technologies.


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  • Serialization

    Medicine counterfeiting, supply chain theft and reimbursement fraud present a serious threat to public health and damage trust in brands. The latest legislation around pharmaceutical serialization and track & trace is designed to prevent falsified medicines from entering the market. We use our global expertise, technical know-how and extended range of user-friendly, tamper-evident packaging solutions to meet the regulations of different regions.


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User-friendly packaging

When developing innovative products that are easy to swallow and convenient to take, it’s not just the formulation or dosage form that should be user-friendly. Patients and consumers expect product packaging will be easy to open and fit comfortably into their daily lives – besides protecting its contents. At HERMES PHARMA, we continually invest in R&D to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest packaging innovations, be it new materials, packaging design or equipment.


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