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Effervescent tablets dissolve upon contact with water to release carbon dioxide and create a drink. We design and manufacture effervescent tablets that have a pleasant taste, even if they contain bitter, sulfuric, sour, metallic, astringent, or difficult-to-process APIs. All our effervescent products dissolve quickly and completely leaving no residues or foam.

The composition of our effervescent tablets helps to speed up the absorption of APIs, so they are already dissolved when entering the body. By creating a buffered solution that increases the pH value of the stomach, APIs are then quickly passed to the small intestine. Our effervescent tablets are extremely stable, meaning they are less sensitive to humidity and high temperatures and can be used in tropical regions (climatic zones III- IV).

Like all user-friendly dosage forms, effervescent tablets:

  • Are easy to take, even for those who experience difficulties swallowing conventional tablets and capsules
  • Reduce the risk of drug-induced esophagitis, which occurs when a tablet is caught in the esophagus and dissolves while remaining in contact with the sensitive esophagus lining
  • Taste pleasant and come in a range of flavors
  • Are easy and convenient to use
  • Are supplied as a single dose so no measuring is required
  • Improve compliance

Effervescent tablets:

  • Render tablet size and shape irrelevant and allow large amounts of API/nutrient (more than 2 grams) or a combination to be provided in a single dose, even at very different concentrations
  • Provide excellent bioavailability and rapid release of the API/nutrient
  • Aid rehydration by increasing liquid intake
  • Minimize the risk of gastric irritation

In addition, effervescent tablets:

  • Can be packaged in aluminum or polypropylene tubes of different sizes and with an easy-to-open stopper, that is senior friendly as well as child resistant
  • Can also be packaged in foil strips/pouches with an aluminum-paper laminate or PET-aluminum-PE laminate to protect photosensitive APIs against light.
  • Are ideal for patients with low gastric fluid production, like those on proton pump inhibitor medications, for example

Manufacturing expertise:

To deliver the benefits described above, effervescent tablets (and instant drinks) must dissolve quickly and completely upon contact with water. Furthermore, to enhance patient experience, they should dissolve without leaving unpleasant residues or foam on the surface that can impact on taste or mouthfeel.

The development of effervescent products requires specific expertise and dedicated manufacturing conditions. As they are particularly susceptible to moisture, environmental humidity must be carefully controlled at all times.

At HERMES PHARMA, we use our patented TOPO technology to facilitate the formulation of even very sensitive APIs into stable effervescent tablets and effervescent instant drinks with a shelf-life of up to five years. Many APIs are sensitive to moisture, oxygen, light, and acidic/alkaline micro-environments. We passivate the citric acid or bicarbonate using TOPO granulation thereby avoiding such micro-environments and producing effervescent products that are quickly and completely soluble while, at the same time, extremely resistant to humidity in the atmosphere. Inline packaging reduces unnecessary exposure to humidity.

We also employ our flavoring expertise to give our products a taste that patients will enjoy. Find out more about effervescent tablets and how our TOPO technology helps to manufacture stable products that ensure a pleasant patient experience:

Effervescent tablets are at the core of HERMES PHARMA’s expertise. We are recognized in the healthcare industry as the biggest and most experienced manufacturer of high-quality effervescent tablets.

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