Logistics & order management

Developing a product of high and reliable quality is only half the battle. The next important step for market success is getting the logistics right, meaning that everything is always in the right place at the right time.

We understand the importance of logistics and order management to deliver products reliably and on time. Our dedicated Order Management team is committed to processing orders according to your needs and works flexibly to handle special requests wherever possible. This ensures that you do not run ‘out of stock’ and can meet the needs of your customers. Our fully automated warehouses ensure fast, safe and clean handling of all products. These warehousing capabilities allow us to react promptly to changing market requirements and urgent client orders, providing continuous supply and business continuity.

Our warehouses are fitted with the latest technology including:

  • Computer-controlled storage linked to our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for:
    • Effective planning and supply of materials for production and shipment
    • Ensuring quarantined materials cannot accidentally enter the production line
  • Temperature monitoring and mapping so that sensitive materials are stored in appropriate conditions

We appreciate that market needs can be difficult to predict. Our dedicated Order Management team reacts quickly and flexibly to meet your needs, to avoid you ever being ‘out of stock’. The team works closely with customers to ensure the ordering process is straightforward and efficient and, where appropriate, involves a direct interface to your own ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.