WHY work with Hermes pharma?

Over 50% of people experience difficulties swallowing conventional tablets and capsules – so why bring a product to market that half your customers cannot take or simply will not like? We believe that oral pharmaceuticals and food/dietary supplements should be both convenient and easy to swallow so people take them correctly. Not only is this better for the individual, but improved compliance results in more successful treatments, and reduces overall healthcare costs.

HERMES PHARMA is the leading expert in user-friendly dosage forms. We are a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) which supports you across the entire pharmaceutical value chain – as a reliable and experienced partner.

Quality is critical for the safety and efficacy of all pharmaceutical products; we work under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) conditions and consider quality from the early stages of drug design right through to delivery of finished products.

HERMES PHARMA is a sister company of a leading OTC firm that manages a rich portfolio of own brands. This heritage combined with over 40 years’ experience in designing user-friendly dosage forms means we understand your challenges.

That is why ten of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies, and the leading four generics companies, choose to work with us.

CDMO & Full-service provider

Put the HERMES PHARMA experts on your team. We have a long history of developing and manufacturing high-quality pharmaceuticals and supplements. We specialize in user-friendly oral dosage forms such as lozenges, orally disintegrating granules, instant drinks, chewable and effervescent tablets, and the newly developed HERMES NutriCaps.

We work as your trusted partner, offering expert advice and customized services at every point along the pharmaceutical value chain, including:

1. Project

2. Research &

3. Formulation

4. Analytical

5. Clinical

6. Regulatory

7. Sourcing

8. Manufacturing

9. Quality

10. Logistics & order management

Depending on the needs of your project, we can work with you in a number of ways. This could involve: co-developing new products from initial idea to final product; licensing market-ready products and dossiers based on our rich portfolio of medicinal products, food/dietary supplements and medical devices; or outsourcing manufacturing to our facilities. Access the exact service you require, precisely when you need it.

Our continued investment in new technologies, processes, people and skills gives our customers access to innovative new dosage forms and expertise, as well as high-quality products that extend lifecycles and strengthen brands – at an excellent price-performance ratio.


Quality is essential throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Patients and consumers rely on it as it guarantees the efficacy and safety of the products bought or prescribed.

At HERMES PHARMA, we understand that quality underpins the trust our customers have in us and also their relationships with patients and consumers. Quality forms the basis of a positive, continuous partnership and commercial success. We always strive to improve the quality of our products and services by putting the customer and its products first.

While our quality-assurance system provides the framework for delivering consistently high-quality medicinal products and food/dietary supplements, it’s the mind-set of our people that truly distinguishes the quality of HERMES PHARMA’s products and services. This enables us to make better products more efficiently, and offers our customers the opportunity to develop a reputation for high-quality products in their markets. As CDMO, we been developing and manufacturing high-quality drugs and supplements for more than 40 years.

Quality by Design (QbD) brings quality to the fore from the very beginning of the product development and manufacturing process, improving efficiency as a result. Combined with Process Analytical Technology (PAT), QbD means stepping away from traditional quality testing methods. Instead, QbD employs systematic, data-driven strategies to deliver quality outcomes, minimize risk and avoid unnecessary downstream issues.

Our team at HERMES PHARMA has embraced QbD and PAT as these approaches result in better processes and products, lower manufacturing and regulatory costs, as well as faster time-to-market.

We are experienced in manufacturing user-friendly oral dosage forms and have the specialist knowledge, skills, processes, technology, equipment and facilities required for doing so. We work according to

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for drugs and medicinal products,
  • international standards for food safety, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis
    Critical Control Point) and US-CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • and ISO 13485 for medical devices.

HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE in pharmaceutical development

HERMES PHARMA is sister company of HERMES Arzneimittel, which has a rich portfolio of successful OTC brands and a history of more than a hundred years in pharmaceutical excellence. This heritage makes HERMES PHARMA a reliable and experienced partner who truly understands the challenges of its customers.


Franz Gradinger founds the company in Munich, Germany. He specializes in the manufacture of herbal teas and plant-based pharmaceuticals. In 1934, his son-in-law Albert Burges takes over operations of the company.


HERMES launches its first effervescent vitamin tablet.


Johannes Burges becomes managing director. He heads the family-owned company until end of 2018.


TOPO single pot vacuum granulation technology becomes implemented for the commercial production of effervescent tablets.


Our Austrian plant starts developing and manufacturing for third-parties. (In Germany, third-party manufacturing begins in 1989).


The same production site launches a new dosage form – the instant drink. The first product consisted of calcium and vitamin D3.


HERMES develops its first acetylcysteine effervescent tablet and starts production of this mucolytic for its third-party customers.


The new manufacturing plant in Wolfratshausen, Germany starts its operations.


HERMES officially founds the new business unit HERMES PHARMA to synchronize all its third-party business activities. Dr. Andreas Schrepfer becomes Managing Director and successfully leads it into a new era.


HERMES acquires the third-party licensing and manufacturing business from Viatris Pharma, Austria (today Mylan).


HERMES introduces its first ODG (orally disintegrating granules) – a novel dosage form that can be applied directly into the mouth.


The new manufacturing plant in Wolfsberg, Austria starts its operations.


HERMES PHARMA starts production based on the novel ‘two-component dosing system’ of a new macrogol laxative product line, developed for its third-party customers.


The launch of hot melt coating (HMC), a novel technology to mask the unpleasant taste inherent with many APIs, again demonstrates HERMES PHARMA’s dedication to innovation.


Sole proprietor and director Johannes Burges transfers his company shares to the Johannes Burges Family Foundation.


With the foundation of HERMES PHARMA GmbH, the previous HERMES PHARMA division becomes an independent company within the Johannes Burges Family Foundation.


HERMES PHARMA is the leading expert in user-friendly dosage forms. More than 80 customers in 45 countries across the world – including ten of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and the world’s four largest generic companies – source products from us.

Hermes Pharma Executive Team

Mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships and close collaboration drive our and our customers’ success. As a part of the Johannes Burges Family Foundation, HERMES PHARMA is economically independent. Customers can therefore expect the best service and innovation, consistently, unhindered by shareholder expectations or short-term profit-taking motives. And, because we’re protected against hostile takeovers and asset stripping, our customers are guaranteed business continuity and investment protection. The result is a secure, enduring relationship that fuels customer success.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Jürgen Ott is a strategic and transformational leader with more than 23 years of experience in sales, marketing and general management – in multinational and family-owned life sciences and healthcare companies. He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and has a proven track record in implementing change processes as well as delivering strong and sustainable business results in the OTC, Rx, MedTec and food supplement industries.

Dr. Ott joined HERMES PHARMA in April 2023.

Dr. Ulrich holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2002. He joined HERMES PHARMA in 2010 as Head of Production. Later, he became Site Manager of our plant in Wolfsberg, Austria.

At the beginning of 2023, Dr. Ulrich was appointed COO assuming full responsibility for the management and control of all our production sites.

Senior Director Business Development, Account Management & Marketing

Dr. Elfinger graduated as a pharmacist and holds a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology. He has been with HERMES PHARMA for more than 10 years, progressing through roles of increasing responsibility in business development and alliance management. Earlier in his career, he worked for several years in the global development and transfer of pharmaceutical products.

Dr. Elfinger became Senior Director Business Development, Account Management & Marketing in April 2022.

Senior Director Development & Drug Regulatory Affairs

Dr. David Kuch holds a Ph.D. in chemistry. After seven years in the active pharmaceutical ingredient industry, he joined HERMES PHARMA in 2015. Dr. Kuch later became head of the drug regulatory affairs team, which focuses on finished drug products, food supplements and medical devices.

In October 2021, he was promoted to take on additional responsibility as Senior Director of the development department, which innovates new product concepts and technologies.