A User-Friendly Approach to Developing an Extended-Release Product

To treat many conditions effectively, it can be beneficial for the active pharmaceutical ingredient or nutrient to be delivered to the body over a prolonged period of time. However, for over-the-counter products, some extended release formulations can be cost-prohibitive or do not meet modern consumers’ expectations around user-friendliness. So, what’s the best solution?

In this article featured in Pharmaceutical Technology in February 2019 (volume 43, number 2, pp 22-23), HERMES PHARMA’s Dr Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing) discusses:

  • The challenges associated with developing extended release over-the-counter products
  • The formulation options available to product developers
  • Why coating technologies offer an effective, affordable and user-friendly solution
  • How HERMES PHARMA used hot melt coating to create a user-friendly extended release magnesium product

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