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Lozenges offer an easy way to take medication and are especially suitable for products that need to remain longer in the mouth to be effective. Designed to dissolve or disintegrate slowly in the mouth, lozenges can provide both a localized and a systemic effect. This makes them particularly well suited for sore throat medications, for example. Our lozenges are made by compression and can be formulated with a ‘fizzy effect’ to promote saliva production and make the experience more enjoyable. Due to the time spent in the mouth, lozenges are tasted thoroughly making a pleasant taste and good mouthfeel extremely important.

Like all user-friendly dosage forms, lozenges:

  • Are easy to suck/swallow, even for those who experience difficulties swallowing conventional tablets and capsules
  • Reduce the risk of drug-induced esophagitis, which occurs when a tablet is caught in the esophagus and dissolves while remaining in contact with the sensitive esophagus lining
  • Taste pleasant and come in a range of flavors
  • Are easy and convenient to take
  • Are supplied as a single dose so no measuring is required
  • Improve compliance

Dosage forms that do not require water are:

  • Easy to take ‘on the go’
  • Convenient to take, anywhere and at any time

In addition, lozenges offer:

  • Both a localized and a systemic effect
  • A slightly ‘fizzy’ effect, if required, that stimulates saliva production and enhances the patient experience
  • Convenient packaging in aluminum or polypropylene tubes with an easy-to-open stopper that is at the same time senior friendly as well as child resistant
  • Packaging in foil strips/pouches with an aluminum/paper layer to protect photosensitive APIs against light

Manufacturing expertise:

Our lozenges are made by blending and compression, and are packaged inline. Where required, HERMES PHARMA uses TOPO technology to create a fizzy effect.

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