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Articles in Press 2019

Making Food Supplements as Enjoyable as Drinking a Cup of Coffee

HERMES PHARMA’s innovative user-friendly dosage form, HERMES NutriCaps, means food supplements can now be prepared as pleasant-tasting hot drinks using home Nespresso® coffee machines, offering consumers greater choice and a more enjoyable experience. Article published in WELLNESS, FOODS & SUPPLEMENTS.

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HERMES NutriCaps Bring the Convenience of Coffee Pods to the Nutraceutical Industry

Modern consumers expect choice and convenience in almost every part of their lives. But when it comes to taking food supplements, most products are offered as traditional tablets and capsules — dosage forms that many people dislike. HERMES NutriCaps are a new approach to delivering food supplements. Article published in NUTRACEUTICAL BUSINESS REVIEW.

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Groundbreaking nespresso style supplement to reach consumers in 2020 - www.nutraingredients.com

Nespresso style supplements to reach consumers in 2020

Niki Cutler, Innovation and Trends Editor at NutraIngredients.com, spoke to HERMES PHARMA's Detlev Haack about trends in nutraceuticals and HERMES NutriCaps, which is a novel format to deliver food supplements.

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Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing: CDMOs Shift to Offer More Specialized Services - DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY, June 2019

Outsourcing Formulation Development and Manufacturing: CDMOs Shift to Offer More Specialized Services

Consumers increasingly expect their medicines and supplements to be easy to use and convenient to take. To create innovative, user-friendly pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for the modern market, developers are increasingly turning to CDMOs with highly specialized formulation development and process technology capabilities. Special feature published by Cindy Dubin in DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY.

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Don't forget about the patient - THE MEDICINE MAKER April 2019

Don’t Forget About the Patient

Designing products that cater to the needs of those who use them seems logical for any competitive market. Yet tablets and capsules, which cause problems for large numbers of patients, remain the default approach for many pharmaceutical companies. It’s time to take a patient-centric approach to pharmaceutical product design. "In My View" by Dr. Thomas Hein, published in THE MEDICINE MAKER.

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Creating User-Friendly Oral Dosage Forms - CONTRACT PHARMA, March 2019

Creating User-Friendly Oral Dosage Forms

Because of the unpleasant taste of many APIs, developers use taste-masking technologies and/or flavoring excipients to create products that are well received by patients and consumers. Human taste testing panels suffer from a number of practical and ethical limitations. An alternative approach is the use of electronic tongues. Interview with Dr. Detlev Haack and Dr. Martin Koeberle, published by Tim Wright in CONTRACT PHARMA.

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A User-Friendly Approach to Developing an Extended-Release Product - PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY, February  2019

A User-Friendly Approach to Developing an Extended-Release Product

When creating products that need to deliver the API over an extended period of time, many formulations can be cost-prohibitive or inconvenient for consumers to take. HERMES PHARMA’s Dr. Martin Koeberle considers the challenges associated with developing extended release products, and looks at user-friendly formulations offering an ideal solution. Article published in PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY

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