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HERMES PHARMA product portfolio

Interested in our newly developed products? You can now download the 2024 version of our Product & Development Portfolio. The document presents a choice of products we currently have available for you to in-license, plus our newly developed clean and natural formulations. (Please note, download requires registration of contact details).


HERMES PHARMA Corporate video

Learn more about HERMES PHARMA, who we are, what we do and why we are passionate about making medicines easier to take.


TOPO Granulation technology video

Granulation is essential when it comes to the manufacture of effervescent dosage forms. TOPO vacuum granulation is a patented technology we use to create granules with the necessary stability and dissolution characteristics for medical use.


Market study video

Swallowing tablets and capsules is not easy. A recent study proves that more than half of the population has problems with them. From breaking and dissolving to not taking them at all, people invent their own strategies to cope with tablets – which may reduce efficacy and treatment success.


HERMES PHARMA Manufacturing capabilities

HERMES PHARMA specializes in the production of user-friendly oral dosage forms. We have a long track record in handling moisture-sensitive products – all our GMP manufacturing facilities and production lines are designed for that. Take a tour of our plants and learn more about our production capabilities.