Making Food Supplements as Enjoyable as Drinking a Cup of Coffee

When developing nutraceutical products, healthcare companies increasingly recognize the limitations of tablets and capsules, which many people find difficult to swallow or have an unpleasant taste. HERMES PHARMA’s innovative user-friendly dosage form, HERMES NutriCaps, means food supplements can now be prepared as pleasant-tasting hot drinks using home Nespresso® coffee machines, offering consumers greater choice and a more enjoyable experience.

This article, published in Wellness Foods & Supplements, features contributions from HERMES PHARMA’s Martin Bubik (Project Manager, R&D) and Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing), who discuss:

  • Why HERMES NutriCaps provide a more enjoyable experience than conventional tablets and capsules
  • How these innovative dosage forms deliver a stable, uniform dose and consistent taste
  • How healthcare companies can use these new formulations to differentiate their products from the competition and address new market segments