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sis: Making bone health supplements palatable

Bone metabolism is a lifelong process of growth and resorption. With ageing and in some disease states, bone resorption exceeds formation, resulting in loss of bone and structural integrity. Osteoporosis is the point at which bone mass drops to a level where the risk of fractures increases.

Making Bone Health Supplements Palatable

Osteoporosis cases are set to surge in the next few decades, leading to a need for optimized treatment approaches. But the combined calcium and vitamin D3 supplements often prescribed to help manage the condition are typically bulky, chalky tasting and difficult to swallow, highlighting the need for more convenient, user-friendly alternatives. Deep formulation expertise is needed when realizing such supplements. Article published in both NUTRACEUTICAL BUSINESS REVIEW and MANUFACTURING CHEMIST.

Osteoporosis is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide, with global cases set to surge in coming decades. To effectively manage this condition, combined calcium and vitamin D supplementation is often recommended long-term. But such supplements in traditional tablet form tend to be bulky, chalky tasting and can lead to significant swallowing difficulties, highlighting the need for more convenient, user-friendly alternatives.


In this article, published in both Nutraceutical Business Review and Manufacturing Chemist, HERMES PHARMA's Dr. Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing) and Dr. Verena Garsuch (Manager Analytical and Clinical Development & Stability Testing) discuss:


  • The critical need for great-tasting, user-friendly combined calcium and vitamin D supplements to boost compliance in those with osteoporosis

  • How large volumes of calcium and small doses of extremely sensitive vitamin D pose significant formulation and manufacturing challenges for such supplements

  • The expertise and technologies available to overcome these formulation hurdles, making a variety of high-quality user-friendly dosage forms available to the market