Market study with 2.000 consumers in Germany and the US

The oral route is a simple and cost-efficient way of delivering medicine, typically as tablets or capsules. However, recent data suggest that these dosage forms are often far from optimal. Commissioned by HERMES PHARMA, renowned SPIEGEL INSTITUT Mannheim conducted an impartial quantitative study to explore the acceptance of conventional as well as user-friendly dosage forms including effervescent and chewable tablets, lozenges, orally disintegrating granules (ODGs) and instant drinks. The study targeted 1,000 people in the United States and Germany – together over 2,000 – to reflect overall population demographics in terms of age, gender and ethnicity, and to generate statistically reliable data. The goal of the study was also to estimate the proportion of the population having difficulties taking tablets/capsules, as well learn how people overcome these challenges.

Key findings

  • Over 55% of people suffer from swallowing difficulties when taking tablets or capsules – all age groups and genders are affected
  • Conventional tablets and capsules show significant weaknesses compared to alternative solid dosage forms
  • Swallowing difficulties are likely to have a negative impact on compliance
  • Besides being easy to swallow, pharmaceutical products need to appeal to a wider range of personal needs in order to be effective

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