It Takes Two to Tango: Creating User-friendly Fertility Supplements for Both sexes

The industrialized world faces an infertility crisis. Modern consumers urgently turn to fertility supplements for help, and they’re being let down by products that fail to prioritize their needs. Now, leading formulation development experts have unlocked a solution — one that enables supplement companies to move beyond inadequate conventional products and better serve the busy modern consumer.

In response, a new CDMO offering has emerged — one that is small, flexible, and oversees formulation development as well as directly sponsoring good clinical practice (GCP) clinical studies.

In this article published by editor Nikki Hancocks on, experts Dr Martin Koeberle and Dr Verena Garsuch discuss:

  • The concerning fertility trend gripping the industrialized world
  • Why current fertility supplements fail to meet consumer needs
  • How the latest user-friendly solutions are reshaping the fertility supplement landscape
  • Key manufacturing challenges on the path to better fertility formulations