HERMES NutriCaps Bring the Convenience of Coffee Pods to the Nutraceutical Industry

Modern consumers expect choice and convenience in almost every part of their lives, and this is certainly true of the way many individuals approach maintaining and improving their overall health. Today’s consumers have access to a growing range of options designed to meet their personal preferences and fit into their individual lifestyles. Yet when it comes to taking food supplements, most products are offered as traditional tablets and capsules — dosage forms that many people dislike as they can be difficult to swallow, and in some cases, have an unpleasant taste or odor.

To meet the needs and preferences of modern patients and consumers, it is vital that healthcare companies ensure their products are easy to swallow and pleasant to take. What’s more, as convenience becomes key, it is becoming increasingly important that they are also safe, quick, and easy to prepare, and integrate seamlessly into their customers’ daily routines. Wouldn’t it be great if taking food supplements was as convenient and enjoyable as drinking a cup of coffee? HERMES NutriCaps are a new approach to delivering supplements.