HERMES NutriCaps

There's a huge market demand for food supplements in today's health-conscious world – but many consumers find conventional tablets and capsules difficult to swallow. HERMES NutriCaps offer a new way to take food supplements and overcome these barriers to a healthier lifestyle.

HERMES NutriCaps are a novel approach to deliver food supplements. People can use the Nespresso* hard-pod coffee machine in their kitchen to prepare supplements as a delicious and nutritious hot drink. Simple, fast and convenient, HERMES NutriCaps help consumers stick to their health resolutions with a daily boost, occasional treat or a pick-me-up. HERMES NutriCaps can contain a wide range of nutrients, from vitamins, minerals and botanicals to superfoods and organic grade ingredients, to meet a wide variety of health needs. They are available in a range of flavors to suit individual tastes and can fulfill special dietary requirements, such as vegan, halal or sugar-free.

Discover HERMES NutriCaps, the new generation of food supplements

  • HERMES NutriCaps are safe, simple and fast to prepare.
  • Their application is easy and already learned.
  • They eliminate onerous boiling of water using a kettle.
  • There is no need to reprogram coffee machine, simply choose “lungo” size (approx. 110 ml).
  • HERMES NutriCaps are easy to use and to dose.


HERMES NutriCaps consumers get additional usage from their existing Nespresso* machine, with no residues or carry-over effects between coffee and the HERMES NutriCap drink. With a pleasant taste and different flavors to suit personal preferences, HERMES NutriCaps offer an enjoyable alternative for people who want to take health supplements but dislike swallowing tablets and capsules. HERMES NutriCaps makes taking supplements easy and fun - part of a beloved daily ritual, similar to enjoying a cup of coffee.

    Manufacturing expertise

    All HERMES NutriCaps contain food supplements as powders or granules. Product development and manufacture of these require specific expertise. We apply our formulation and taste-masking know-how to create a pleasant tasting hot drink with a harmonious composition, ensuring flavors work well with the nutrients. Using our specialist manufacturing equipment, contents can be precisely dosed, as it is required for high quality food supplements.


    The prepared drinks (end products) are always consistent in terms of dose, taste and color. Unlike with tea and coffee, preparation of the HERMES NutriCaps drink transfers 100% of the capsule contents into the hot drink. This leaves the capsule completely empty and ensures easy, accurate dosing. There are no residues or carry-over effects between coffee and the HERMES NutriCap drink.

    *Nespresso is a registered trademark by Nestlé.

    Why add HERMES NutriCaps to your product range?

    HERMES NutriCaps cater for individual tastes and dietary requirements. Contents can be customized to the needs of different markets and consumers, including young and elderly people, men and women, athletes and health-enthusiasts. HERMES NutriCaps render tablet size and shape irrelevant; between two to six grams of a nutrient – or a combination of nutrients – can be provided in a single dose, even at different concentrations. HERMES NutriCaps provide excellent bioavailability and aid rehydration by increasing liquid intake.

    This almost unlimited flexibility makes them desirable to a wide range of applications, including:

    • Anti-aging & beauty
    • Bone & joint health
    • Brain function & concentration
    • Cough & cold remedies
    • Detox
    • Digestive health
    • Immune system boost
    • Pain relief
    • Sleep enhancement
    • Sports, energy & recovery
    • Re-energize
    • Women's health

    Discover HERMES NutriCaps now

    HERMES NutriCaps offer a novel way to deliver food supplements, allowing you to expand your product lines with an innovative and user-friendly dosage form. HERMES NutriCaps also bring further interesting marketing opportunities, such as emphasizing the more positive message of 'health' instead of 'illness', and promoting a 'fun factor' in taking supplements. They also enable you to address new market segments and customer types within the lifestyle arena. Many consumers will store their HERMES NutriCaps next to their coffee machine, where visibility increases the frequency of product use and therefore the quantity purchased.


    As the leading expert in developing and manufacturing user-friendly oral dosage forms, HERMES PHARMA is ready to draw on extensive experience to support you on your journey to market success.


    Available products

    HERMES NutriCaps are incredibly flexible as the contents can be adjusted to meet the needs of your brand and its customers. New products can be brought to market fast and with hardly any limitations. A choice of products is already available for you to in-license Download the HERMES NutriCaps Product Portfolio


    What's in it for you

    Curious to hear more about HERMES NutriCaps? Gain further insights in how this novel dosage form works and what the benefits are when adding HERMES NutriCaps to your product portfolio. Watch our HERMES NutriCaps in-depth video now.


    Order your samples now!

    If you would like to test this new innovative dosage form now, we have prepared some first varieties of HERMES NutriCaps as samples. Simply fill in our contact form to request some. You may also click this link if you have any questions about HERMES NutriCaps.

    HERMES NutriCaps are a finalist for the “Editors Award for Functional Food Innovation”. The award recognizes cutting edge research and true innovation in health foods, supplements and nutrition. It is organized by NutraIngredients.com in association with Vitafoods Europe.