Choosing and Developing User-friendly Osmotic Laxatives for a More Patient-centric Portfolio

At least 1 in 10 people worldwide will suffer from constipation in their lifetime. And the incidence is only set to grow. While timely treatment in the form of laxatives is essential, most laxatives have significant side-effects and are unpleasant to take.

For a patient-centric, successful portfolio, pharmaceutical companies need products that minimize side-effects and are easy to use. In this article published in International Pharmaceutical Industry (pp 67 ff, vol. 14 Issue 2, 2022), experts Dr Martin Koeberle and Dr Verena Garsuch discuss

  • The prevalence and causes of constipation
  • The significant drawbacks of many laxatives
  • Macrogols as a simple, safe, and user-friendly treatment
  • The formulation and manufacturing hurdles companies must overcome to make macrogols part of their portfolio