Carinthia Innovation and Research Award Conferred to HERMES PHARMA

The company received the Award for its research into Hot Melt Coating (HMC), a novel granulation technology. HERMES PHARMA uses HMC to mask the unpleasant bitter or sour taste inherent with many active pharmaceutical ingredients. The implementation of this technology enables the company to develop and manufacture orally-disintegrating granules, a pharmaceutical dosage form that is directly applied into the mouth, does not require any water and is easy to take, even for people with difficulties in swallowing. HERMES PHARMA is the expert in the development and production of user-friendly solid oral dosage forms, including effervescent and chewable tablets, lozenges, orally disintegrating granules and instant drinks.

Mr. Peter Kaiser and his deputy, Ms. Gaby Schaunig, representing the Province, participated in the awards ceremony at the Lakeside Park Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt on November 19th. Dr. Siegfried Adam, Head of Quality Assurance, and Managing Directors Dr. Andreas Schrepfer and Mr. Holger Dietel accepted the Award on behalf of HERMES PHARMA.

Carinthia is currently involved in a transformation process aimed at improving its research and development rating in order to grow its contribution to gross domestic product significantly by 2020.

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