Outsourcing Formulation Development and Manufacturing: CDMOs Shift to Offer More Specialized Services

Increasing demand for personalized medicines and supplements is broadening the market for dosage forms that are quick, convenient and safe for people to use. As a result, many product developers are turning to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) with highly specialized formulation and process technology competencies.

In this special feature, published in Drug Development & Delivery in June 2019 (Vol 19 No 5),  HERMES PHARMA’s Dr. Detlev Haack (Head of R&D), discusses amongst others:

  • Why modern consumers expect convenience from their personalized medicines and supplements
  • How innovative dosage forms, such as HERMES NutriCaps, are helping to meet consumer expectations around ease-of-use
  • Why CDMOs with specialist formulation expertise are ideally placed to develop new, optimized dosage forms for existing therapeutics and supplements
  • How robust risk analysis can support the efficient development and regulatory approval of new formulations