Improving Bioavailability & Solubility: Understand Your Molecule

With many promising drugs failing to reach the market on account of poor bioavailability and solubility, the pharmaceutical industry’s need for innovative methods to overcome these challenges is growing. As such, drug developers are looking to the specialist formulation expertise and novel technologies provided by contract manufacturers and developers. This article, published in Drug Development & Delivery, features contributions from HERMES PHARMA’s Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing), who discusses:

  • How user-friendly dosage forms, such as effervescent and chewable tablets, are ideally suited to enhancing the bioavailability and solubility of small molecule products
  • How 3D-printing offers exciting possibilities for pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially for user-friendly dosage forms
  • The impact of computer-aided formulation development and its associated challenges