How Advances in Pharmaceutical Packaging Are Better Meeting Patients’ Needs

When developing oral dosage forms that are convenient to take and meet individuals’ needs, it’s not just the formulations themselves that must be user-friendly. Product packaging must also enable the product to be easily incorporated into patients and consumers’ daily lives.

In this article featured in Drug Development & Delivery, Dr Detlev Haack (Director of Research & Development) and Dr Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing) look at the innovations in user-friendly packaging design, materials, and technologies that are enabling developers to better meet consumers’ needs. Read the article to learn:

  • The best packaging options for user-friendly dosage forms
  • The key packaging design elements to consider when developing products for older patients
  • How developers can use packaging to meet consumer demand for convenience and choice
  • How use of the latest packaging innovations can add value to products and differentiate brands in the marketplace