Dosage Forms: It’s Time to Listen to Consumers

Millions of people use solid tablets and capsules every day to treat any number of ailments or to supplement their dietary or health requirements. Regarded as the most practical and costefficient method of drug delivery, it’s no surprise they have become so widespread.

However, a recent survey of people across the US and Germany has revealed that half of the population has difficulty in swallowing tablets and capsules. Of the 1000 US participants, swallowing problems were attributed primarily to the size of the tablets and capsules either being too big to swallow or that they became stuck in the throat. Worryingly, many participants interfered with the tablets or capsules: 23% reported breaking tablets before swallowing, while another 14% crushed and dissolved them in water in order to swallow them. A full 10% stopped taking their medication entirely, while 9% looked to a different dosage form altogether. A lack of compliance on this scale not only has potentially serious consequences for the quality of a person’s health, but it also comes with a substantial financial impact on healthcare systems.

Download the article “Dosage Forms: It’s Time to Listen to Consumers” published in Drug Development & Delivery, September 2015 Vol 15 No 7