Choosing effective granulation strategies for effervescent formulations

Effervescent tablets and instant drinks are user-friendly formulations that overcome the unpleasant effects many individuals experience when swallowing conventional tablets and capsules. However, due to the moisture-sensitive nature of these formulations, the use of granulation technologies is essential for their development and manufacture. 

What factors should you consider when selecting an effective granulation technology? In this article, published in Manufacturing Chemist, HERMES PHARMA’s Dr Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing) discusses:

  • The importance of granulation in the manufacture of effervescent dosage forms
  • The advantages and limitations of dry and wet granulation strategies
  • The factors to consider when choosing an appropriate granulation technology
  • How HERMES PHARMA used TOPO granulation to develop a user-friendly effervescent painkiller