User-Friendly OTC Dosage Forms Deliver Opportunity For Industry

Consumers expect choice and convenience in all aspects of their lives, including their medication. As such, the OTC industry must evolve to take advantage of this fact – manufacturers can breed brand loyalty and increase market share by offering consumers more convenience and a choice of dosage forms tailored to their needs. But how can OTC manufacturers achieve this?

In a guest commentary in The Pink Sheet, Dr Thomas Hein (Senior Vice President for Commercial and Regulatory Affairs at Hermes Pharma) explores the issue in more detail, including:

  • The problems patients experience with conventional tablets and capsules
  • How modern consumers want medicines targeted to their individual needs and preferences
  • The opportunities available to OTC manufacturers that can better meet these needs
  • How formulating your APIs as user-friendly dosage forms can attract more customers, effectively differentiate products and provide entry into new market segments