Swallowability by Design

Tablets are easy and cost-effective to manufacture, have good physical and chemical stability, and offer accurate dosing – it’s no surprise that they are the most common dosage form for prescription medicines. However, with patients of all ages having difficulties swallowing them, now is the time to explore better alternatives.

A recent article in The Medicine Maker reviews this topic in more detail and provides advice on how to improve the user-friendliness of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Read the article to learn:

  • The problems patients experience with swallowing tablets, including the methods they use to try and overcome these challenges (many of which can have worrying impacts on efficacy)
  • Which characteristics of a medicine or food-supplement are most important to consumers
  • How developing your APIs as user-friendly dosage forms can help you expand existing product lines, build brand loyalty, and better differentiate your products in the marketplace