We are experts in making user-friendly dosage forms. We know how to create a dosage form that contains large quantities of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or small amounts of bitter tasting APIs. We develop products that are easy and pleasant to ingest. We believe that convenience plays a critical role in improving compliance. Our expertise helps patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets or need to ingest the same APIs over a long period of time.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Taste masking and flavoring to provide a pleasant experience
  • Granulation and coating technologies
  • Selecting APIs, sweeteners and excipients with the right properties and combining them together
  • Sourcing high quality active ingredients and excipients
  • Formulation and analytical development
  • Ensuring stability and suitability for hot and humid climates
  • Developing suitable analytical methods
  • Up-scaling into commercial manufacturing
  • GMP compliant development processes

We ensure efficient product development from the first laboratory formulation through to full-scale production. Our development and production processes are fully integrated. We involve our Drug Regulatory Affairs team during the research & development phase to ensure that regulatory aspects are considered from the outset so that registration runs smoothly.

HERMES PHARMA continually invests in research and development. We collaborate closely with universities and renowned institutes, which ensures that our clients benefit from the latest scientific developments and techniques



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User-friendly Dosage Forms


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