At the core of most of our products are granules that resist humidity and protect sensitive APIs against acids and bases. We have developed patented technologies that enable us to create different granules that work well with specific APIs and make our products more stable compared to products manufactured conventionally.

Our manufacturing plants are highly automated to ensure fast throughput and minimize the exposure of products during the production process. Our inline packaging facilities, for example, ensure that our effervescent tablets are very stable and have a long shelf life.

We run two highly automated manufacturing plants:


More than 800 million effervescent and chewable tablets are manufactured annually in our production plant in Wolfratshausen. Opened in 1994, the plant is optimized for the manufacture of moisture-sensitive effervescent tablets. Weighing, granulating, mixing, tabletting and packaging take place in automated, closed systems spreading across 12,400 square-meters. Rigorous Quality Control ensures compliance with all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements, regulatory demands and client specifications.


Our new GMP certified facility was opened in May 2009 and has a floor space of 12,500 square meters, encompassing an 8,000 square-meter clean-room and a fully automated high-rack warehouse. The design of the plant ensures high production flexibility, fast throughput times and continual process optimization. Essential manufacturing steps, such as weighing raw materials and feeding continuous-flow granulators from silos, are fully automatic.

Our two plants are equipped with very similar production lines and ensure business continuity. That reassures our clients that there will be no interruption to the supply of their products.




Overall Annual Production Volume

1.4 bn effervescent and chewable tablets
in tubes and strip foil
350 m instant drinks in sachets
250 m ODGs in stick packs

Number of batches released: 8 000
(finished products only)
Tons of material processed & packaged: 7 000


How to get to ...

our production plant in Wolfratshausen

our production plant in Wolfsberg