Lozenges are solid preparations that dissolve or disintegrate slowly in the mouth. They contain one or more APIs usually in a flavored, sweetened base. In the form of a lozenge, APIs can provide a local as well as a systemic effect. Since the lozenge is kept in direct contact with the oral cavity for an extended period it provides the special benefit of a localized effect in the mouth.

Lozenges have the advantage of being easy to administer to children and elderly patients. We make our lozenges by compression so, in general, they are harder than ordinary tablets and dissolve more slowly so that they stay longer in the mouth.

Our lozenges can have a “fizzy effect”, promoting saliva and providing a more enjoyable experience in the mouth.


  • Convenient dosage form
  • Different flavors provide wide choice
  • ‘Fizzy’ effect provides a pleasant experience
  • Increases compliance
  • Dissolves slowly in the mouth for better localized treatment

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