Hot & Cold Instant Drinks

Hot and cold instant drinks are a popular way to take medicines and food and dietary supplements in many markets. Individual sachets contain a single dose of powder or granules that dissolves in water, making it easy to dose and to swallow.

Our expertise in taste masking and flavoring ensures that even dosages that contain bitter or large quantities of API are pleasant to drink. We have exclusive access to many different flavors, enabling our clients to create a range of drinks based on the same API.

Our special formulations ensure that APIs remain stable in hot water and that dosages dissolve quickly and without leaving residues, even in cold water.

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When increased fluid intake is required as a result of excessive fluid loss – for example through intensive physical activity, diarrhea, or high temperatures in summer – hot and cold instant drinks are a great way to increase the daily liquid supply.


  • Well established dosage form, in particular with cold and flu indications
  • Different flavors provide a pleasant experience and wide choice
  • Increases compliance
  • Convenient, single dose supply
  • Dissolves without leaving residues
  • Increases liquid intake of patients and consumers