Effervescent Tablets and Granules

Our effervescent tablets and granules allow a large amount of API to be taken in a single dose. We know how to make effervescents taste good even if they contain bitter or difficult-to-process APIs. We appreciate that good taste is especially important for children and for people who take medication over a long period of time. By creating different flavors it is possible to offer people choice, which improves the experience and increases compliance.

Effervescent dosages are particularly helpful for patients with less gastric fluid production, like elderly people under proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medication. Similarly, some people have problems swallowing solid tablets or capsules. For these people, effervescent tablets are a good alternative as the tablet is already dissolved before entering the esophagus.

Drug-induced esophagitis occurs when a tablet becomes caught in the esophagus and dissolves while remaining in contact with the sensitive esophagus lining. Patients with chronic heartburn, patients who regularly take more medications and elderly patients with weakened esophagus muscles often suffer from this phenomenon. Effervescent dosage forms help to avoid drug-induced esophagitis.

Some medications, such as mucolytics, are more effective if patients have a large intake of liquids. Effervescent tablets are ideal for mucolytics as they help patients to drink water. Similarly, when there has been excessive fluid loss e.g. during diarrhea, effervescent tablets can replace electrolytes.


  • Better compliance through pleasant taste
  • Quick absorption of API through fast dissolution
  • Easier for people with swallowing difficulties
  • Reduced risk of drug-induced esophagitis
  • Increased liquid intake by patients

The composition of our effervescent tablets and granules is designed to speed up the absorption of APIs. By creating a buffered solution which increases the pH value of the stomach, the contents of the stomach are more quickly passed to the small intestine. Furthermore, as the API is already dissolved when entering the body, it is more quickly absorbed. Finally, the carbon dioxide produced by the effervescent dosage further facilitates absorption of the API through the cells.


TOPO Technology

... delivers effervescent products that are stable, dissolve quickly and completely - and yet are resistant to humidity.


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