HERMES PHARMA specializes in developing and manufacturing user-friendly solid oral dosage forms:

The term ‘user-friendly’ encompasses many different qualities. Medicines must taste good. They must be easy to ingest even if they contain large amounts of API. They must be easy to swallow even for people with dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing). And, in the case of solubles and effervescents, they must dissolve easily and quickly leaving no residue or foam.

HERMES PHARMA has specialist expertise in all of the areas required to develop and manufacture user-friendly dosage forms including:

  • Taste masking
  • Flavoring (with access to exclusive special flavors)
  • Sourcing APIs and excipients in consistently high quality
  • Formulation and analytical development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control and assurance

User-friendly dosage forms are convenient and achieve higher levels of compliance. Using our unique technology, we produce dosage forms that remain stable for longer so that they can even be used in hot, humid climates.

Our user-friendly dosage forms allow clients to expand their product lines, extend the life of existing products, accelerate entry into new markets and increase brand value. In addition, since the dosage forms developed by HERMES PHARMA provide patients and consumers with clear added value, our clients can achieve higher selling prices and a better return on investment.



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We co-develop products together with our clients and we also provide finished product concepts that are ready for market launch based on our own OTC products:

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