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Articles in the press

Reducing Risk, Speeding Development — a CDMO Model Including GCP-sponsorship to Better Meet the Needs of Pharma Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are under mounting pressure to develop more user-friendly oral dosage forms. Faced with fierce market competition, they’re also demanding more CDMO support than ever. Can a new type of CDMO offering — one that takes on the responsibility of clinical trial sponsorship — de-risk and accelerate the route to a market-ready product? View this Q&A with Drug Development & Delivery.

Articles in the press

It Takes Two to Tango: Creating User-friendly Fertility Supplements for Both sexes

Infertility is declining throughout the industrialized world. But as people turn to fertility supplements for a solution, they’re met with inconvenient products. To better support consumers, supplement companies must provide science-backed formulations that are convenient, enjoyable to take long-term, and tailored to the nutritional needs of each sex. However, several manufacturing challenges can complicate the path to success. Article published with NutraIngredients.

Articles in the press

Reimagining Vitamin B12 Supplements for the Modern Consumer

Changing lifestyles and demographics mean the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency is growing globally. Traditional vitamin B12 supplements millions rely on, are poorly absorbed and unpleasant to take. To better serve patients and unlock new opportunities, healthcare companies urgently need an alternative — user-friendly vitamin B12 supplements that ensure immediate and continuous vitamin B12 supply. Article published in Nutraceutical Business Review.

Articles in the press

Choosing and Developing User-friendly Osmotic Laxatives for a More Patient-centric Portfolio

Constipation is a widespread and growing issue. But most laxative treatments fail to adequately meet patient needs, being unpleasant to take and causing significant side effects. The solution lies in simple, flexible, user-friendly alternatives that put patients first. However, pharmaceutical companies looking to incorporate these alternatives into their portfolio must overcome several formulation and manufacturing challenges. Article in International Pharmaceutical Industry.

Articles in the press

User-friendly Supplements Offer an Immune System Boost this Winter

A growing focus on immune health driven by the COVID-19 pandemic is opening greater opportunity for supplement manufacturers. Taking full advantage requires a departure from traditional tablets and capsules that no longer meet consumer needs, and embracing user-friendly dosage forms that integrate smoothly into modern lifestyles. Developing such products is fraught with obstacles, but a vast repository of formulation expertise is available to ease the journey. Article published on

Articles in the press

Convenient Magnesium Supplementation: Putting Patients and Consumers First

Many modern diets are low in magnesium, and supplement use is growing at pace, making this an attractive market for manufacturers. User-friendly magnesium supplements can better meet the needs of consumers, but they require specific manufacturing expertise in coating, taste-masking and granulation. What’s more, the best approach can vary based on which magnesium salt is used, as this can impact taste, solubility and particle size. Article published in NUTRACEUTICAL BUSINESS REVIEW and MANUFACTURING CHEMIST