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Sustainability in pharmaceutical packaging (Tablets & Capsules)

Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Embracing the transition to more environmentally-friendly packaging solutions

Sustainability is a priority for the pharmaceutical packaging industry as consumer awareness and demand continue to grow. However, in delivering eco-friendly packaging options, the pharmaceutical industry must carefully navigate several challenges, including maintaining cost-efficient processes and preserving complex global supply chains. Roundtable published in TABLETS & CAPSULES.

As environmental concerns take center-stage across multiple sectors, the pharmaceutical (packaging) industry is under increasing pressure to deliver sustainability across its processes. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers must also ensure rigorous safety standards are met and complex global supply chains are not jeopardized. This article, published in Tablets & Capsules (May 2020), features contributions from HERMES PHARMA’s Torsten Eckardt (Project Manager Corporate Social Responsibility ), who discusses:


  • How the needs and expectations of customers and manufacturers are changing
  • Future directions and the challenges to realizing company- and industry-wide sustainability 
  • What sustainability practices and initiatives are being implemented at HERMES PHARMA