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Convenient magnesium supplementation: putting patients and consumers first

Convenient Magnesium Supplementation: Putting Patients and Consumers First

Many modern diets are low in magnesium, and supplement use is growing at pace, making this an attractive market for manufacturers. User-friendly magnesium supplements can better meet the needs of consumers, but they require specific manufacturing expertise in coating, taste-masking and granulation. What’s more, the best approach can vary based on which magnesium salt is used, as this can impact taste, solubility and particle size. Article published in NUTRACEUTICAL BUSINESS REVIEW and MANUFACTURING CHEMIST

How combining consumer insights with specific formulation expertise can help manufacturers bring user-friendly magnesium supplements to market

More than 50% of people in the US and Germany have difficulties swallowing tablets or capsules. Manufacturers that leverage such insights to drive product development are more likely to meet the needs of modern consumers. Magnesium supplementation is one area that would benefit from the introduction of user-friendly dosage forms, especially as modern diets often lack this important element. In this new article published in Nutraceutical Business Review (Vol. 8 Issue 4. 2021) and Manufacturing Chemist, experts Dr Martin Koeberle and Dr Verena Garsuch explore:


  • The need for user-friendly magnesium supplements

  • How the selection of different magnesium salts can impact factors like cost, taste, solubility and particle size

  • Why specific granulation technologies are needed to deliver a high-quality product

  • The importance of specialist coating methods for developing extended-release formulations