The TOPO Granulation Technology Used in the Manufacture of Effervescent Tablets

The effervescent tablet has proven to be a very user-friendly dosage form for the intake of pharmaceuticals. For the pharmaceutical industry, effervescent tablets represent a means to expand product lines, prolong product life cycles and thus expand market share.

bene-Arzneimittel is a mid-sized, internationally-operating family business focusing on high-quality pharmaceutical products. The company decided to market a 1000 mg peppermint-flavored effervescent tablet as a line extension for its well-known paracetamol brand “ben-u-ron®“. Paracetamol, however, is poorly soluble in water and needs special processing to dissolve completely in water. For this purpose, Hermes Pharma was contracted as its unique TOPO vacuum granulation technology delivers effervescents tablets that are quickly and completely soluble and at the same time extremely resistant to humidity.

The article describes the benefits of an effervescent paracetamol tablet in contrast to perorally administrated paracetamol tablets and compares the TOPO vacuum granulation technique to conventional manufacturing procedures.

Article published in TechnoPharm 3/2012 (page 186 ff) by Irmgard Gergely, Dr. Gergely & Co., Dr. Detlev Haack, Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH – Division Hermes Pharma and Christian Metz, bene-Arzneimittel GmbH.