Ensuring Stability in Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

With product safety, business reputation, and consumer experience all at significant risk from unstable products, it’s vital that steps are taken to mitigate API instability throughout formulation, manufacturing, and storage. But with so many APIs inherently sensitive to ubiquitous elements like water, oxygen, and light, this is no mean feat.

In this article published in Tablets & Capsules Magazine (edition March/April 2021), HERMES PHARMA’s Dr Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing) and Dr Verena Garsuch (Manager Analytical and Clinical Development & Stability Testing) discuss: 

  • The catastrophic consequences of unstable products on consumers and businesses alike
  • The growing demand for user-friendly dosage forms, and the additional stability-related considerations required for their successful development
  • How tailored technologies and approaches are being deployed to mitigate instability in even the most sensitive APIs
  • How Omega-3 supplements and aspirin (common ingredients known for their high sensitivity) can be stabilized with the right expertise and know-how