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Jun 06, 2018 Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing: CDMOs Are Innovating for 21st-Century Medicine Putting patients’ needs first in an ever-changing marketplace (DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY special feature) Mar 12, 2018 Granulation Technologies for Effervescent Products - Ask the expert Dr. Martin Koeberle Effervescent dosage forms are popular but very sensitive to moisture. Learn more about how granulation technologies improve their usability, stability, and overall quality (Q&A published in TABLETS & CAPSULES Solid Dosage Digest) Jan 24, 2018 Good Things Come in User-friendly Packaging Today’s patients and consumers are less likely to settle for medicines that don’t optimally meet their individual needs and preferences (article in DOSES A-Z GUIDE) Jan 16, 2018 HERMES PHARMA Obtains Prestigious GMP Certification from Russian Authorities The successful inspection allows HERMES PHARMA to manufacture for the Russian market (PRESS RELEASE)


Nov 07, 2017 Ensuring Patient Adherence in Paediatric and Geriatric Populations Meeting the needs of consumers through patient-centric formulation development (article in PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY) Oct 06, 2017 In the Best Possible Taste - Accelerating Formulation Development and Delivering More Reliable Results using electronic tongues How electronic tongue technology can overcome traditional taste assessment limitations in pharmaceutical development (article featured in MANUFACTURING CHEMIST) Sep 24, 2017 QbD: Improving Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Workflows to Deliver Better Patient Outcomes How adopting a quality-by-design (QbD) approach to pharmaceutical development can boost production efficiency and deliver more consistent product quality (article featured in PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY EUROPE) Sep 17, 2017 Hot Melt Coating for Creating User-friendly Extended Release Formulations How Hot melt coating can be used to develop an effective and user-friendly extended release formulation for vitamin C (article in TABLETS & CAPSULES) Sep 10, 2017 How Advances in Pharmaceutical Packaging Are Better Meeting Patients’ Needs User-friendly packaging is building brand loyalty and adding value in the marketplace by better meeting modern consumers’ expectations (article featured in DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY) May 22, 2017 Some Like It Hot(Melted) Why pharma companies should consider hot melt coating for medicine manufacture (article published in THE MEDICINE MAKER) Apr 19, 2017 Five minutes at DCAT with … Dr. Thomas Hein, Vice President Commercial & Regulatory Affairs Interview at DCAT Week 2017 published in PharmaHorizon Apr 04, 2017 Formulation Development & Manufacturing - Special feature in DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY Why quality should be applied right at the start of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process (article in DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY) Apr 04, 2017 Improving the Palatability of User-Friendly Dosage Forms Using an Electronic Tongue How the electronic tongue offers a promising alternative to human panels for assessing taste in drug development (article in DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY) Feb 07, 2017 A Package of Convenience How can the pharma industry package their medicines more conveniently to better suit patients’ lifestyles? (Article published in DOSES A-Z Guide)


Dec 15, 2016 How New Dosage Forms Prolong the Lifecycle of Mature Products Article about the benefits of user-friendly dosage forms and what they offer to the pharmaceutical industry (published in INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY) Dec 11, 2016 Top Form - Are you choosing the best oral dosage form for your API? In the excitement of bringing a new medicine to market, it can be easy to overlook the importance of selecting the right dosage form for a product. This article discusses a range of alternative oral dosage forms and considers why they might offer a better outcome for your API. (published in EPM 360° SERIES) Dec 06, 2016 Incorporating Quality by Design into Pharmaceutical Manufacturing We see a clear trend towards introducing quality as a consideration during the R&D phase rather than waiting until the product is designed and then thinking about how it will be maintained... (Article published in MANUFACTURING CHEMIST) Dec 02, 2016 From Bitter to Sweet: Developing a User-Friendly Painkiller ... Case study how hot-melt coating was used to develop taste-masked orally disintegrating granules of acetaminophen and caffeine (published in PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY) Oct 19, 2016 Swallowability by Design How user-friendly dosage forms could improve patient experience and compliance (article published in THE MEDICINE MAKER) Oct 18, 2016 HERMES PHARMA Improves Opening of Tablet Tubes Used for Lozenges, Effervescent and Chewable Tablets New Patented Desiccant Stopper Makes Products Even More User-Friendly (PRESS RELEASE) Sep 15, 2016 User-Friendly OTC Dosage Forms Deliver Opportunity For Industry How user-friendly dosage forms could shape the future of the OTC industry by better meeting consumer needs (article in THE PINK SHEET) Sep 05, 2016 Germany Puts Focus on Pharma Innovation What are the market trends in the German pharmaceutical industry? (Article in PHARMAVOICE) Jul 20, 2016 Improving the granule strength of roller-compacted ibuprofen sodium for hot-melt coating processing New scientific paper published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics May 10, 2016 HERMES PHARMA Awarded European Organic Certificate Wolfratshausen GMP Facility Meets Organic Food Trend Requirements (PRESS RELEASE) Apr 14, 2016 HERMES PHARMA presents poster on Hot Melt Coating for immediate-releasse orally disintegrating granules Poster from the 10th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology now available for download Mar 09, 2016 Optimizing Dosage Forms for Improved Therapeutic Compliance Swallowing difficulties continue to transcend all age groups (Article published in CONTRACT PHARMA) Jan 26, 2016 HERMES PHARMA Makes Hot Melt Coating Available for the Pharma Industry Commercial Production in GMP Environment Started to Mask the Sour and Metallic Taste of Acetylcysteine (PRESS RELEASE)


Nov 23, 2015 Carinthia Innovation and Research Award Conferred to HERMES PHARMA HERMES PHARMA earned the first prize for its research in innovative oral dosage forms (NEWS ALERT) Oct 29, 2015 Understanding What Patients Want In A Medicine People expect options in most areas of their lives, so why should their medication be any different? (Article published on Oct 28, 2015 Why Size Matters When It Comes To Taking Medicine Swallowing tablets or capsules is difficult for many, and size is just one of the Problems (Article published on Oct 15, 2015 Tablet Innovation: Sizing Up the Value for Pharma The rising focus on tablet and capsule administration woes may spell potential new revenue opportunities for industry (Interview published in PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVE) Oct 02, 2015 Stretching Product Value through Reformulation Strategies Cover Story PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY (Volume 38, Issue 10) written by Adeline Siew Sep 25, 2015 The Advantages of Alternative Dosage Forms Article on alternatives to traditional solid dosage forms (TABLETS & CAPSULES, Sept. 2015 Vol 13 No 6) Sep 24, 2015 A User-centric Approach to Pharmaceuticals Why the pharmaceutical industry needs to offer more convenient dosage forms and medicine packaging (Article in DOSES) Sep 04, 2015 A Hard Pill to Swallow: Improving Palatability How can pharmaceutical manufacturers make more palatable medicines that increase patient compliance? (Article in EYE FOR PHARMA) Sep 02, 2015 A Matter of Taste - Insights about the various approaches used in taste masking What to consider when choosing a taste masking strategy for your API (Article in PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY) Sep 01, 2015 Dosage Forms: It’s Time to Listen to Consumers Article on the acceptance of conventional and user-friendly dosage forms (DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY, Sept. 2015 Vol 15 No 7) Aug 13, 2015 User-Friendly Dosage Form Expert, HERMES PHARMA, Brings Easy-to-Swallow Medicines to US Market HERMES PHARMA has today announced plans to ramp up its expansion into the US market (PRESS RELEASE) Jul 31, 2015 Difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules are wide-spread ... and likely to pose a serious compliance problem, The findings of the survey now available (NEWS ALERT) Mar 23, 2015 Bittere Pillen - Nein Danke Taking tablets isn't easy. The article describes how coating technologies such as HMC can help to improve odor, taste and palatability of solid oral dosage forms (Published in PHARMA & FOOD) Mar 04, 2015 QbD in excipient collection for user-friendly dosage forms How you can apply a QbD approach to improve pharmaceutical manufacturing processes (PHARMTECH TV) Mar 01, 2015 Making a Difference - Quality by Design (QbD) Article published in EPC on how a Quality by Design approach can help to reduce costs and shorten project timelines Mar 01, 2015 HERMES PHARMA privilégie les formes orales Sylvie Latieule, editor in chief of French pharma magazine "INDUSTRIE PHARMA" writes about her visit of the HERMES PHARMA production site Wolftratshausen Jan 15, 2015 The problem with Pills - Why conventional dosage forms don't meet modern consumer needs Why conventional solid dosage forms have failed to keep pace with modern consumers’ evolving demands (article published in PME) Jan 02, 2015 Innovative Excipients in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing The article (published in PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY) looks at key considerations in excipient selection during formulation development and their impact on the performance of the finished drug product.


Dec 18, 2014 A Hard Pill to Swallow: Meeting the Needs of Modern Consumers The article (IPI 4/2014) discusses patient centric strategies pharma can pursue to generate additional revenues and future growth Dec 16, 2014 Putting Patients First Article published in IPT on how pharma can grow market share by creating medicines that patients choose to take, rather than have to take Nov 01, 2014 Blend Uniformity - In the Mix Article published in PMPS on how Quality by Design (QbD) can be implemented to achieve blend uniformity Oct 20, 2014 News from CPhI: A Bitter Pill to Swallow Podcast with Fiona Barry, Outsourcing-Pharma and Dr Thomas Hein, HERMES PHARMA on swallowing difficulties and user-friendly dosage forms Oct 15, 2014 It's no Choke! Article published in EPM magazine on key issues surrounding swallowing difficulties with tablets and capsules Oct 07, 2014 User-Friendly Dosage Forms—The Future of Oral Drug Delivery Dr Thomas Hein speaks with Adeline Siew (Pharmaceutical Technology Europe) about the problems associated with conventional tablets and capsules (PharmTech TV) Sep 07, 2014 Hot Melt Coating for Controlling the Stability, Release Properties and Taste of Solid Oral Dosage Forms Dr Detlev Haack and Dr Martin Koeberle, both HERMES PHARMA, introduce Hot Melt Coating - an innovative method to coat solid oral dosage forms (article published in TechnoPharm) Sep 02, 2014 Conventional Tablets May No Longer Be the Go-To-Solution (PRESS RELEASE) Market study reveals difficulties swallowing tablets wide-spread and opens up new revenue opportunities Jul 31, 2014 Some Like it Hot ... Article published in EPM magazine on improving pharmaceutical formulation using hot melt coating Jul 28, 2014 Executive Q&A on HERMES PHARMA and user-friendly dosage forms Interview with The Pharma Letter and HERMES PHARMA's Dr. Thomas Hein on how the company is working closely with 10 of the world's top 15 pharma companies on its user-friendly dosage forms Jul 25, 2014 Hermes Highlights Need for Better Formats OTC Bulletin reports about a market study conducted by HERMES PHARMA Jul 01, 2014 Des Formes Posologiques Pour Faciliter l’Utilisation des Médicaments Les formes posologiques faciles d’utilisation offrent des avantages non négligeables aux laboratoires harmaceutiques et aux patients, mais leur développement peut se révéler complexe. Mar 05, 2014 User-Friendly Dosage Forms, a Win-Win Situation for Patients and Pharma Executive interview in Drug Development & Delivery with HERMES PHARMA's Dr. Thomas Hein on the advantages and challengens of user-friendly medicines


Dec 16, 2013 Power to the Patients Treatment adherence and brand loyalty can be boosted by medicines that are easy to use and appeal to a broad range of patients, providing a unique commercial opportunity for pharma companies to increas market share and differentiate themselves from competitors Nov 02, 2013 Can Pharma Defy Gravity at the Patent Cliff? Formulation strategies for product lifecycle optimization Nov 02, 2013 Solvent-free Coating of Traditional and User-friendly Dosage Forms Considerations when selecting a coating technology for user-friendly solid oral-dosage forms Oct 21, 2013 Effervescent Tablet Manufacturing Dr. Detlev Haack, Head of R&D, HERMES PHARMA discusses the characteristics, benefits and manufacturing methods for effervescent tablets with Scientific Editor Adeline Siew Aug 29, 2013 Pharma's User-friendly Future? Dr. Thomas Hein, Director Sales & Business Development explains why user-friendly dosage forms could help pharma companies navigate over the patent cliff Aug 22, 2013 Putting The Fizz Into Formulation Effervescent tablets and granules are part of a growing class of user-friendly dosage forms designed with the practical needs of the patient in mind. This group of treatments is rapidly gaining acceptance ... Aug 07, 2013 A Taste of Your Own Medicine Oral administration has long been considered the simplest way to provide ongoing medication. However, oral dosage forms are not without their challenges ... Jun 26, 2013 Hermes Pharma Completes Successful Routine FDA Inspection of Production Facility Inspection Opens Door for Hermes Pharma to Increase Production of User-friendly Solid Oral Dosage Forms for the US Apr 24, 2013 Swallowing Tablets is a Massive Problem for Growing Numbers of People User-Friendly Dosage Forms Enable Pharmaceutical Companies to Innovate Apr 17, 2013 Hot Melt Coating Enables Rapid and Cost-Effective Production of User-Friendly Dosage Forms Traditional coating requires that the API and excipients be first dissolved in a liquid and then sprayed onto a seed particle. This technology has some disadvantages ... Mar 03, 2013 Hot Melt Coating Comes of Age There are many considerations when selecting a coating technology for user-friendly solid oral dosage forms. Dr. Detlev Haack and Dr. Martin Koeberle, both HERMES PHARMA, consider the main issues. Jan 15, 2013 Problem-solving Ingredients for Complex Drugs Scientific advancements may be leading to more effective drugs, but the requirement for solubility-enhancing technology, palatability improvements and life-cycle extenders is greater than ever.


Dec 01, 2012 Interview EPM magazine with HERMES PHARMA's Dr. Detlev Haack Research project on new coating technologies offers promising avenues to mask the unpleasant taste and smell of APIs Sep 06, 2012 New Taste-Masking Technologies Facilitate User-Friendly Pharmaceuticals Odor and taste are key for the acceptance of dosage forms that dissolve in the mouth. Hermes Pharma, INNOJET Herbert Hüttlin, RCPE and Karl Franzens University research new approaches to increase patient compliance and improve production processes. Jun 10, 2012 The TOPO Granulation Technology Used in the Manufacture of Effervescent Tablets New, user-friendly dosage forms enable product line extensions (article published in TechnoPharm, 3/2012) Mar 23, 2012 Oxford Pharmascience and HERMES PHARMA partner to develop new Ibuprofen product Heads of Terms signed for a range of OXP zero ibuprofen products