A Hard Pill to Swallow: Meeting the Needs of Modern Consumers

Confronted with the ‘patent cliff’, dwindling drug discovery success and a host of other challenges, pharmaceutical companies are being forced to reconsider how they can remain profitable. This includes a move towards actively placing the needs of the modern patient at the centre of their strategy. A recent survey conducted by HERMES PHARMA and renowned market research agency, SPIEGEL INSTITUT Mannheim, has further highlighted the need for a fresh approach. The survey revealed that over 50% of people, independent of age, gender and nationality, have experienced various problems swallowing traditional solid tablets and capsules. This highlights a significant opportunity for pharmaceutical companies: by formulating medicines as user-friendly dosage forms that are easier and more pleasant to take, they can increase market share, boost revenues, revitalise ageing products and better meet the needs of modern patients and consumers.