How Advances in Pharmaceutical Packaging Are Better Meeting Patients’ Needs

The role packaging plays in the pharmaceutical industry is changing (article in DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY)

Recent advances in packaging design, materials, and technologies mean that today, there is a wide variety of user-friendly primary and secondary packaging options to choose from. Dr Detlev Haack (Director Research & Development) and Dr. Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing), both HERMES PHARMA) explain in this article which role modern packaging plays in the pharma industry - behind its primary purpose to protect the medicine it contains.

Similar to FMCG, pharma has been recognizing the importance of packaging in the marketing mix, which is particularly relevant in the OTC sector, where the consumer makes the buying decision...

(Article published in Drug Development & Delivery, September 2017 Vol 17 No 6)

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